Instant Homeowners Insurance Quote from Lemonade

Why Lemonade for homeowners insurance?

Lemonade makes homeowners insurance seamless and instant – plus, lenders love us! You can get a quote online in minutes, with no paperwork or hassle. We’ll take care of the mortgage payments directly with your lender (we work with all major banks and lenders!) so it couldn’t be easier or faster. Lemonade automated everything, so getting a policy, filing and getting claims paid instantly[1], and updating coverages is an easy few taps on your phone. Last, Lemonade is unconflicted – we built insurance differently. We take a fixed fee out of your monthly payments, pay reinsurance (and some unavoidable expenses), and use the rest for paying out claims. In essence, we treat premiums as if they were still your money and return unclaimed remainders in our annual ‘Giveback’ to a charity you choose[2]. Think of it as you getting insurance that’s seamless, instant, and easy, all while supporting a cause you care about.

What are the different types of homeowners insurance?

Lemonade offers two types of homeowners insurance policies: one for single family homes (called HO3[3] in insurance-speak), and one for condos (HO6[4]). There are minor differences between the two, and you’ll choose the right policy depending on the type of home you’re looking to insure. In a nutshell, whereas homeowners own and are responsible for everything on their property (home, garage, fence, etc.), condo owners with HO6 policies are only responsible for the outermost walls of their unit, inward.

How can I compare home insurance policies?

To compare home insurance policies, you’ll need to compare[5] your quote, where you can see approximately how much you’ll be paying in relation to what type of coverage[6] and service you’ll receive in return. At Lemonade, you can get a homeowners quote in less than 2 minutes online, with zero paperwork or phone calls. You’ll be able to adjust coverage amounts, limits of liability[7], endorsements[8], and other cornerstones of your policy. When comparing homeowners insurance policies, consider customer experience and ease of use. If you don’t like waiting on the phone or dealing with agents, Lemonade offers a seamless experience via our app where you can file claims[9] and update coverages by tapping on your phone.

Is homeowners insurance required?

While state regulation may not require homeowners insurance by law[10], if you take out a mortgage to buy a home[11], your lender will almost always require coverage. There are more than a few benefits: Beyond protecting one of the biggest investments most people make in a lifetime, consider scenarios where you owe money on your mortgage and your home is destroyed, or someone is seriously injured on your property. Or, if you’re smacked with a personal injury lawsuit and ordered to pay a large sum of money to a third party. In all these instances, your insurer will most likely be able to help you out. Homeowners insurance is financial defense against bad things that may happen in life, giving you much-needed peace of mind.

How much home insurance do I need?

Your homeowners insurance policy should reflect your home and lifestyle needs, and should be reviewed from time to time to ensure coverage amounts are always updated. To find out how much home insurance you need[12], you’ll have to take a look at the different parts of your policy and ensure you’re sufficiently protected, under coverages such as dwelling (cost to replace[13] or rebuild your home), personal property[14], liability coverage[15], and loss of use[16].

How much does home insurance cost?

The cost of homeowners insurance[17] will vary by state and depends on a lot of factors including house age, cost to rebuild, fire protection rating of your city, and building materials, among other things. There are a bunch of things that can lower your homeowners insurance premium: burglar alarm systems, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, deadbolt locks, wind protection, water or temperature alerts, central station reporting alarm, and more. Here at Lemonade, we even have an automated feature, “Get Discounts” that takes into account the above, helping you to get a discount when building your quote.


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